The Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park
Naturalistic Itinerary
Naturalistic Itinerary "Jericho's waters" (Travel Time: 3 ½ h)

A walk into the nature of the Oasis to discover the primary resource of the oasis: the water. The Jericho's waters symbolize life, and they are subject of myth and ritual rites of purification or regeneration. The wild fauna and flora that survived along the banks of wadiat and the pastoral way of life has passed the centuries.

• Jericho Info Point (Public Square, Jericho Downtown)
• 12. 'Ain es-Sultan (The main Jericho's Spring) (½ h)
• 12. 'Ain el-Auja (Spring and Aqueduct) (1 h)
• 12. 'Ain en-Duq (Spring) (1h)
• 11. Aqueduct and pool of Khirbet el-Mafjar (1h)

Itinerary and map: