The Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park
Gaia Ripepi, MA, PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology in 2014 with a thesis entitled "The mud bricks architecture in Tell es-Sultan from Neolithic to Middle Bronze Period", has participated in several archaeological expeditions in the Near East and the Mediterranean (Tell es-Sultan in Palestine; Khirbet al-Batrawy in Jordan, Motya in Italy). She is a skilled field archaeologist with a wide experience of Levantine and Mediterranean archaeology. Gaia is currently the Project Manager of the IT-COOP Project "Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park" for the enhancement and tourist valorization of the archaeological, naturalistic and religious sites of the Jericho Oasis.
Salvatore Tricoli, MA in Scientific Methodologies applied to Cultural Heritage, is the person in charge of the Sciences of Antiquities and Restoration Lab of Rome "la Sapienza" University. He is member of the archaeological expeditions to Syria (Ebla), Jordan (Khirbet al-Batrawy), Palestine (Jericho), Creta (Gortina) and Sicily (Motya). As expert in diagnostic investigations on Cultural Heritage and Restorer, he manages the sample taking of archaeological materials directly on the excavation, carrying out their restoration in a dedicated conservation laboratory. As labour organizer and technical responsible he supervises the restoration of mudbricks/stone walls, taking actively part in it; in the IT-COOP Project "Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park" he is responsible of Activity B "Training on the Job", aimed at the formation of specialized workers for the maintenance of mudbrick monuments, in the case study of Tower A1, Building B1 and Palace G of Tell es-Sultan.
Gessica Merli, MA in Near Eastern Archaeology at Rome "la Sapienza" University, with a thesis on Early Bronze Age funerary customs in Palestine; she completed her PhD in 3d modeling for archaeology, focused on the case study of the Early Bronze "Palace of Copper Axes" of Khirbet al-Batrawy (Jordan). She is presently working in the tourist valorization of the Museum of the Near East of Rome Sapienza University. She takes part in the IT-COOP Project "Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park" as responsible for GIS mapping of the Jericho Oasis' sites.
Chiara Fiaccavento, MA, PhD student in Near Eastern Archaeology at Rome "la Sapienza" University. Her main interest is the pottery of pre-classical Palestine, ranging from Early Bronze to Iron Age. She took part to several archaeological expeditions in Italy (Motya, Sicily), Palestine (Tell es-Sultan, Jerusalem, Tell Sheikh Abu Zarad), Jordan (Khirbet al-Batrawy) and Syria (Qarassa). In the IT-COOP Project "Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park" she is responsible for the realization of educational and explanatory panels on the archaeology of the Jericho's Oasis.
Sharon Sabatini, MA in Near Eastern Archaeology (2014) at Rome "la Sapienza" University, with a thesis focused on the production of olive oil in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Periods in the southern Levant. She has great experience in Mediterranean archaeology, gained at Motya (Sicily) since 2010. In 2012 she participated to the Italian-Palestinian expedition to Tell es-Sultan and she is currently responsible for the photographic documentation of the project's activities. She takes part in IT-COOP Project "Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park" as supervisor of the restoration for the tourist valorization of the Early Bronze Age city-wall of Tell es-Sultan.
Danilo De Dominicis, MA in Near Eastern Archaeology, is currently undertaking a 2nd Master at Rome "la Sapienza" University in "Architecture for Archaeology: Projects for the Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage". He is a competent photographer and a trained restorer, skills acquired in several years of excavations, conservation and documentation of materials and structures at Motya (Sicily, Italy). In the IT-COOP Project "Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park", he is the person in charge of the activity "Training on the job" in Areas A, B and G of Tell es-Sultan, aimed to the formation of local personnel to improve the active participation of the locals in the protection and valorization of the archaeological sites.
Michele de Marco, BA in Archaeological Sciences at Rome "la Sapienza" University, takes part to the archaeological expeditions of Motya (Italy) since 2010 as responsible of architectural remains, and of Tell es-Sultan since 2011, in charge of paleobotanical and archaeozoological/anthropological remains. He manages the websites of the archaeological expeditions of "la Sapienza" to Motya, Jericho and Batrawy. He takes part of the IT-COOP Project "Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park" as archaeologist and IT expert, working on the realization of the digital portal of the project, to spread the information about the implementation of the ongoing activities and to publicize its results.
Wawi, is a silver fox of the desert, with big paws and large ears. It lives with its family nearby the Neolithic Tower in Tell es-Sultan/Jericho and it is the mascot of the Project.