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Tell es-Sultan/Jericho
Research Team
Prof. Lorenzo Nigro - Director

Dr. Michele De Marco - Field Director

Dr. Gaia Cecconi - Object Register

Dr. Francesca Frisinelli - Surveyor and objects draftsperson

Dr. Martina Marra - Draftperson

Mr. Lorenzo Indino - Archaeologist, Photos

Mrs. Domizia Paolucci - Draftperson

Mrs. Cecilia Ripamonti - Draftperson

Mrs. Cristiana Liberati - Archaeologist, Draftperson

Dr. Iyad Hamdan - Head of the Jericho Office

Dr. Mohammed Mansour - MOTA-DACH responsible at the site

Prof. Teresa Rinaldi - Biologist

Dr. Claudia Moricca - Archaeo-botanist

Dr. Francesco Mura - SEM

Dr. Luciano Fattore - Geomatic

Dr. Mohammed Diyab - Chemist

Dr. Salvatore Tricoli - Restorer