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054) Mafjar, Tell el-

[PADIS code 0005]

Arabic: تل المفجر

Site location: Lat. +31° 52' 30.49" N; Long. +35° 27' 53.61" E.

Site extension: 20 dunams.

State of preservation: partly preserved, partly under modern cultivations and modern edification.

Disturbance: modern cultivations, modern building activities.

Occupational periods: Late Chalcolithic, Early Bronze I, Byzantine, Late Islamic.




Late Chalcolithic Period

Site typology: village.

Domestic architecture: houses, pits, silos.

Funerary architecture: infant jar burial.

Material culture: clay figurines, bone tools, stone vessels, stone tools, stone objects and tools, flint tools, pottery.

Bibliography: Mellaart 1962, 156-157, site n. 85, figs., 13-15, pls. XXX-XXXI; Leonard 1992, 9-23, site n. 85, pls. 2-5; Taha et al. 2004; Porëe - Lehmann 1995; Anfinset 2006.


Early Bronze I

Site typology: village.

Domestic architecture: houses, pits.

Material culture: flint tools, pottery.

Bibliography: Mellaart 1962, 156-157, site n. 85, figs., 13-15, pls. XXX-XXXI; Leonard 1992, 9-23, site n. 85 (diagnostic sherds: pl. 5:19-21); Taha et al. 2004.


Byzantine Period

Site typology: monastery (Elias' Monastery, after Sion 1996, 249 = Sion's site D).

Public architecture: monastery.

Bibliography: Sion 1996, 249, 262, site D.


Late Islamic Period

Site typology: architectural remains.

Domestic architecture: silos.

Bibliography: Leonard 1992, 10; Anfinset 2006, 64.



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