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006) Abu el-‘Alayiq North, Tell area: mosaic wine press

[PADIS code 0154]

Arabic: تلول أبو العلايق الشمالي: معصرة عنب

Site location: Lat. +31° 51' 32.07" N; Long. +35° 25' 53.73" E.

Site extension: 0.06 dunams.

State of preservation: preserved.

Occupational period: Hellenistic.

Site typology: architectural remains.

Public architecture: wine press.

Material culture: mosaic, pottery.

Bibliography: Netzer 2001, 334-335; 2004, 30-32; Netzer - Garbrecht 2002, 369-372, figs. 10-11.

Plates: I, VI.




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