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010) Abu Hindi, Tell/Tell Mitri

[PADIS code 0023]

Arabic: (تل ابو هندي (تل متري

Site location: Lat. +31° 51' 12.61" N; Long. +35° 27' 1.41" E.

Site extension: 30-40 dunams.

State of preservation: under modern cultivations.

Disturbance: modern cultivations.

Occupational periods: Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine.

Bibliography: Conder - Kitchener 1883, 221; Augustinović 1951, 50, 55, 66.

Plates: I, III, XXIV-XXV.



Hellenistic Period

Site typology: scattered materials.

Material culture: coins.


Roman Period

Site typology: village.

Domestic architecture: houses, wells.

Material culture: architectural features, marble capitals, column drums, mosaic tesserae, coins.


Byzantine Period

Site typology: village.

Domestic architecture: houses.

Material culture: architectural features, mosaic tesserae, pottery.



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