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022) ‘Ain es-Sultan area: mills

[PADIS code 0050]

Arabic: (منطقة عين السلطان (الطاحونة

Site location: Lat. +31° 52' 12.17" N; Long. 35° 26' 41.45" E.

Site extension: 0.5 dunams.

State of preservation: preserved.

Disturbance: modern building activities.

Occupational periods: Late Islamic, Ottoman.

Site typology: mills.

Public architecture: mills.

Bibliography: Dorrel 1993, 111.

Plates: I, XXXVI.




Dorrel, P.
1993 "The Spring of Jericho from early photographs", in Palestine Exploration Quarterly 125 (1993), pp. 95-114 (in particular p. 111).