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029) ‘Ain Yunis

[PADIS code 0124]

Arabic: عين يونس

Site location: Lat. +31° 51' 52.30" N; Long. +35° 31' 26.53" E.

Site extension: 2 dunams.

Site typology: spring.

Disturbance: modern cultivations.

Bibliography: Nigro, F. 2006, pl. I.

Plates: I, III.




Nigro, F.
2006 "Cultural Heritage Planning and Management for Development: the Palestinian Archaeological Park of the Jericho Oasis", in L. Nigro - H. Taha (eds.), Tell es-Sultan/Jericho in the Context of the Jordan Valley: Site Management, Conservation and Sustainable Development (Rome «La Sapienza» Studies on the Archaeology of Palestine & Transjordan 2), Rome 2006, pp. 191-208 (pl. I).