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030) ‘Ain Yunis area: unidentified monastery

[PADIS code 0139]

Arabic: عين يونس: دير غير مكتشفة

Site location: Lat. +31° 51' 50.19" N; Long. +35° 31' 26.52" E.

Site extension: 2 dunams.

State of preservation: ruins.

Occupational period: Byzantine.

Site typology: monastery.

Public architecture: monastery.

Material culture: mosaic tesserae, glass, pottery.

Bibliography: Bar-Adon 1972, 114; Hirschfeld 1990, 60, site n. 53, fig. 71.

Plate: I.




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1990 "List of the Monasteries of the Judean Desert", in G.C. Bottini - L. Di Segni - E. Alliata (eds.), Christian Archaeology in the Holy Land - New Discoveries. Essays in Hounour of Virgilio C. Corbo, OFM (Studium Biblicum Franciscanum Collectio Maior 36), Jerusalem 1990, pp. 1-90 (in particular p. 60, site n. 53, fig. 71).