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046) Ḥassan, Tell el-

[PADIS code 0006]

Arabic: تل الحسن

Site location: Lat. +31° 51' 35.18" N; Long. +35° 27' 33.24" E.

Site extension: 40 dunams, located under centre of modern Jericho.

State of preservation: partly preserved, partly under modern cultivations and modern edification.

Disturbance: modern cultivations, modern building activities.

Occupational periods: Byzantine, Early Islamic.

Plates: I, III, XLV-XLVI.



Byzantine Period

Site typology: village.

Public architecture: church (Nea Theotokos Church).

Domestic architecture: houses.

Material culture: mosaics, pottery.

Bibliography: Augustinović 1951, 83-84; Baramki 1936; 1955; Ovadiah 1970, 74-75, pl. 29, plan 64; Foerster 1993; Cirelli - Zagari 2000, 366; Zagari 2000, 356-357; excavations carried out by the Palestinian Department of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage in 2010.


Early Islamic Period

Site typology: village.

Public architecture: church.

Material culture: pottery.

Bibliography: Foerster 1993.



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